Loan Periods and Fines for Allen Park Library Materials
Material Loan Period Fine per Day
Books 4 Weeks $0
Holiday Books 1 Week $0
Reference Books 1 Week $0
"Lucky Day" Books 2 Weeks $0
Books on CD 4 Weeks $0
Magazines 1 Week $0
Music CDs 4 Weeks $0
DVDs 1 Week $0
Binge Boxes 1 Week $0
Blu-Rays 1 Week $0
Puppets 4 Weeks $0
Play and Learn Kits 1 Week $0
Playaway Bookpacks 4 Weeks $0
Playaway Launchpads 1 Week $0

Please Note:  The library limits DVDs/Blu-Rays to 6 per family OR one Binge Box at checkout and Music CDs to 3 per family per checkout.
Binge Boxes may be borrowed when no other DVDs are checked out on an account. In addition, nonfiction books are limited to 3 per subject and biographies are limited to 1 per person.

**Allen Park is currently a Fine Free library. All materials owned by and checked out from other libraries may still be subject to fines. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
Library cards with more than $25.00 in lost books and/or fines will be turned over to our collection agency.
MOST materials can be renewed in person, online or by phone. 

If you lose or damage an item on your account, you are expected to pay for the lost or damaged item OR you can purchase a brand new copy of the item as a replacement. Used copies will not be accepted.